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#!/usr/bin/env python
import re
import sys
def remove_spaces_from_end(string):
    ret = re.sub(" *$", "", string)
    return ret
def remove_fake_tabs(string, tabWidth):
    ret = re.sub("<-->", "\t", string)
    return ret
def remove_tabs_from_end(string):
    ret = re.sub("\t*$", "", string)
    return ret
def replace_tabs_with_spaces(string, tabWidth):
    ret = re.sub("\t", " "*tabWidth, string)
    return ret
def replace_spaces_with_tabs(string, tabWidth):
    ret = re.sub(" "*tabWidth, "\t", string)
    return ret
def pps():
    tabWidth = 4
    sys.argv[:1] = []
    #print (sys.argv)
    if "-replace" in sys.argv:
    if "-totabs" in sys.argv:
    for srcfile in sys.argv:
        src = open(srcfile, "r")
        buffer = ""
        for line in src:
            buffer += line
            buffer = remove_spaces_from_end(buffer)
            if to_tabs=="yes":
                buffer = replace_spaces_with_tabs(buffer, tabWidth)
                buffer = replace_tabs_with_spaces(buffer, tabWidth)
            buffer = remove_fake_tabs(buffer, tabWidth)
            buffer = remove_tabs_from_end(buffer)
        if replace == "no":
            print (buffer)
            dst = open(srcfile, "w")
if __name__ == "__main__":

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