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  1. <article>
  2.         <h3>
  3.           Slide with bullet points that builds
  4.         </h3>
  5.         <ul class="build">
  6.           <li>
  7.             This is an example of a list
  8.           </li>
  9.           <li>
  10.             The list items fade in
  11.           </li>
  12.           <li>
  13.             Last one!
  14.           </li>
  15.         </ul>
  16.         <div class="build">
  17.           <p>Any element with child nodes can build.</p>
  18.           <p>It doesn't have to be a list.</p>
  19.         </div>
  20.       </article>

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